Photonex Scotland Roadshow | 11th June 2017 | University of StrathclydePhotonex Scotland Roadshow

Dear Colleague,

One of the reasons we bring the Roadshow to Scotland is to give everyone a chance to meet with technology suppliers. Now we see this event is becoming more than this, it is probably (as Carlsberg says) the leading event in Scotland for photonics and light technologies and it's the place to meet up with friends and colleagues.

The exhibitors and presenters in the conference wish to meet you next week, but what's in it for me you will be asking?

We believe there is no better way to find out about what's going on and to discover what technologies can help you in your work than by meeting face-to-face. You will be able to cover so much more ground than by email, you can enjoy dynamic and interactive conversations.

You can tell that I've made a career of bringing people together and I am cynical about how effective the Internet is when it comes to finding out properly about technologies and products.

So, if you agree with me (and perhaps even if you don't) then come along next week and enjoy the Photonex Roadshow. Please suggest to colleagues and your team that they come (we cannot be sure that they are receiving our messages). Thank you.

Snapshot of the exhibition

We show here a snapshot (7 out of 25) of the exhibiting companies - VIEW THE EXHIBITOR LIST
See the Photon Lines display which will include The CinCam CMOS Pico.

The CINOGY CinCam CMOS Pico is a beam profiler with a high-resolution CMOS sensor for the 150-1150nm spectral region. CINOGY can fulfil almost every beam profiling requirement from UV to IR wavelength range, each adjusted to a specified intensity (nW to kW). Photon Lines Limited is CINOGY’s UK distributor.

Meet Photon Lines on S16
Visit Laser Components who will be showing, amongst others, pyroelectric detectors.

LASER COMPONENTS will introduce at the Roadshow a new and improved pyroelectric detector, the LD2100 series.

Pyroelectric crystals simultaneously generate positive and negative charges on opposite faces, and our LD2100 detectors exploit this with a new amplification - MORE

LISTEN TO THEIR TUTORIAL AT 12 NOON | Position sensing detector technologies and features by James Saxon (abstract online)

See Laser Components on S2

TODAY: Worldwide release of new Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Module!
The PCO-7114-50-4 is a substantially improved version of previous designs. Some of the improvements include:
  • Thicker, more robust printed circuit board.
  • Board layout optimized for reliability and improved performance.
  • 20% higher pulse current of 50A (vs. 40 A for the PCO-7110-40-4).
  • RoHS Compliant
Specifically designed for the range finding and LIDAR markets the PCO-7114-50-4 is a great choice for designers who specialize in optics and laser technology and need a pulsed driver capable of providing the high current, short pulse widths that they require...

LISTEN TO THEIR TUTORIAL AT 3PM | Running with sharp edges by Ian Alderton (abstract online)

Alrad Photonics on S15

Click to view video


Supporting innovation in photonics

CPI is promoting two of our new photonics-based activities at the show – the EPRISE project (, a Europe-wide partnership aimed at supporting companies working with photonics in the Medical Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and Food markets and our proposed new National Centre for Healthcare Photonics at NETPark in Sedgefield - MORE

Meet with CPI on S34
Photonic Solutions are recognised as the leading supplier of Lasers and Photonics to the UK and Ireland. We will be on hand to provide information on our range of products from Ultrafast OPAs to new Nd:YAG lasers to laser diodes and pretty much everything in between.

LISTEN TO THEIR TUTORIAL AT 2PM | High-speed acousto-optic scanning–based 3D two-photon imaging in-vivo by Dr Elaine Blackwood (abstract online)

Photonic Solutions, Table S32
Motion control equipment will be on show.

Aerotech designs & manufactures motion control, positioning tables/stages & positioning systems for use in industry, government, science, & research institutions around the world. Typical applications include fibre alignment, beamline experiments & Industrial laser micromachining systems to name a few.

LISTEN TO THEIR TUTORIAL AT 11.30AM | Advanced motion control techniques for alignment and power optimization by William Land, Aerotech Table S37 (abstract online)

William is visiting from the USA
See Aerotech on S37
Need a really low-noise diode laser controller? See the D2-105 on the Elliot Scientific display.

Vescent Photonics offer a superbly specified diode-laser current source based on the well-documented Libbrecht-Hall (PDF) circuit. With a current noise density of under 100 pA/√Hz, Vescent's D2-105 outputs less noise than any other commercially available laser controller.

See Elliot Scientific on S17

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the event and please remember to tell your colleagues it is free to attend.

Kind regards,

Laurenced Devereux
Xmark Media Ltd
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