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The conference comprises two meetings. It is FREE to attend:

Conference: Advances in photonic techniques for biomedical sciences

The conference includes an oral programme exclusively made up of presentations by invited speakers, there will be a ‘poster session’ of contributed papers from students.

Significant advances in the development of optical techniques have led to an ever increasing role of photonics in the study of various problems in the biomedical and life sciences...

Photonics applications tutorials: Latest photonics technology, techniques and instrumentation

In parallel with the scientific conference, ’Advances in photonic techniques for biomedical sciences’ there will be a series of ‘Application tutorials’.

Tutorials will feature on advances, techniques, technology comparisons, choosing your equipment for your project and features to ...

Marking the fifth anniversary of Fraunhofer CAP, a technical innovation session celebrating the Scottish photonics cluster. Topped and tailed with a little look back and a big look forward.

The meeting will be started at 1.45pm with a talk about the Fraunhofer CAP: ‘Paperclips, politics and perseverance - a light hearted look-back on the first five years establishing Fraunhofer in the UK’ and continue...

Comments from attendees at the previous roadshow:

"I was impressed with both the breadth of the scientific talks as well as the broad and interesting range of exhibits. I came away with lots of new ideas how to improve our experiments, not much more one can ask for from a one day meeting."
Prof Philip Kukura, University of Oxford.

Fred Festy, in conversation afterwards about the meeting; “There was too much to do in too short a time, due to the quality/breadth of the programme I’m frustrated (positively) that I cannot be in two places at once.”

"I found the event very useful and learnt many things, not only during the broad range of scientific talks but also through speaking individually to the industry exhibitors. It was a great opportunity to meet different industrial partners whom I was in contact with through email, giving me an invaluable opportunity to discuss my project and its specific challenges in more detail. The tutorial sessions were also very useful and most of my technical questions were answered. I also got new ideas that greatly improved my experiments. As a PhD student, the Photonex Roadshow was a meeting full of great experiences and opportunities!"
Pardis Kaynezhad, Imperial College London.

The conference was a brilliant opportunity to connect with other students in related fields. It allowed me to broaden my knowledge and learn about exciting new applications of photonics techniques to the life sciences.'
Stephanie Reynolds, Imperial College London.

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