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Announcing HSI 2016 | Hyperspectral Imaging & Applications conference:

HSI 2016 conference is now in its fifth edition, having previously been held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Rome and Coventry.

HSI 2016 will bring together academic and industrial users to share their knowledge of innovation in hyperspectral imaging cameras, technology and applications.

Please visit the website for more details:

In the last 12 months, significant developments have taken place in the use of hyperspectral imaging in food industry and in hospitals for cancer treatment and surgery. It is appropriate that the technical programme committee is joined this year by Dr Aoife Gowen of University College Dublin who has extensive experience in the use of hyperspectral imaging in the examination of food stuffs. Additionally, Dr Neil Clancy steps up ... click here to carry on reading>

Hyperspectral imaging is now being used in research and industry to determine viewed objects temperatures, chemical compositions, moisture, fat and sugar content in the food industry as well for a range of applications in art, biology, defence, forensics and anti-counterfeiting, medicine, museums, pharmaceuticals, surveillance, remote sensing and industrial inspection.

Original contributions are welcomed on all aspects of hyperspectral imaging – we particularly invite contributions in the following, though not exclusive areas:

Biology ■ Food Technology ■ Geographical Information Systems ■ Medicine ■ Microscopy ■ Surveillance ■ Remote Sensing ■ Pollution Monitoring ■ Industrial Inspection ■ Defence ■ Antiquity Analysis ■ Chemical Analysis

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