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Photonex offers you the chance to meet face-to-face and develop personal, direct relationships with your suppliers.


Discover the difference: On the internet one product can seem just like another. But it is getting down to the in depth detail face-to-face with a specialist which will enable you to make a better informed purchasing decision.

Find a new supplier: Fed up with poor communications, poor delivery, poor products? At Photonex you will be able to meet with a new supplier.

Solve: your photonics problem whatever your specific needs might be.

Learn: Attend talks in a wide range of FREE presentations, FREE meetings, FREE conferences, training courses and "how-to-do-it" type tutorials to further your professional development.

Here are just some of the sectors where light technologies are used and applications for photonics on show at Photonex:

Advanced manufacturing:
Industrial vision, cameras, electronic imaging, lasers for manufacturing and processing, process analytical technologies (PAT), quality control.

Biophotonics & life sciences:
Analytical techniques in cells, tissues and biomaterials for medical and pharmaceutical research, advanced imaging, adaptive optics, photonics in miniature, biochemistry, manipulation, fluorescence, spectroscopic techniques.

Chemistry, new materials & devices
Optical nanotechnologies, for opto-electronics, thin films and testing, sensing, spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging.


Components, hyperspectral imaging, remote detection, cameras, thermal imaging.


PV technologies, testing, new materials and manufacturing processes. Bioenergy, analytical & optical instrumentation.


Imaging, oceanography, space research and food resource technologies.

Lasers and opto-electronics:

Developing laser techniques, in research, industry and for fusion.

Optical sensing:

Intelligent optics, analysis and measurement.

Optical metrology, radiometry & light sources:

QC and characterization.


All areas including, classical and modern optics and emerging fields to quantum optics, optomechanics, electrooptics, optoelectronics and quantum electronics.


Astronomy, satellite technology and applications in space.


For research and field applications.

Bringing together all the technologies for vision and imaging in science, security and industry.



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