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PHOTONEX EUROPE LIVE! is a key event for photonics, an enabling technology: a vast diversity of applications are enabled by photonics and light technologies.

Photonex brings the whole supply chain together under one roof: supplier companies, consultants, industrial users, researchers, science groups and innovative new-comers.

...and it is all free of charge.

Great reasons to visit


Face-to-face discussions are hugely productive


Exhibitions are a great environment for interaction; examine, handle, compare and test-drive


Find out how well you are connected


Attend training or presentations by high-level speakers


Immerse yourself in thought-provoking environment that will inspire you!



Photonics technologies are of increasing importance to scientific research and for industry. Its use is growing... as is the PHOTONEX Europe Live! event.

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European Industry Assocation Partner

UK Photonics the hidden economy

UK photonics: the hidden economy

The UK photonics industry contributes £12.9bn to the economy per year and employs 65,000 people, with a manufacturing productivity of £62k per employee. In spite of this, UK photonics remains a largely hidden economy

Published by the University of Southampton

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