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Take a look at the latest news and press releases form our Photonex London exhibitors.

AP TechnolgiesSpectral Measurement System for spectrometer evaluation, development and teaching

AP Technologies will be demonstrating the “PKG” spectral measurement kit from new supplier OtO Photonics.

The system comprises a rigid platform with a choice of light source, “SmartEngine” spectrometer and a full set of accessories (cuvettes, collimators, ND & RGB filters) is included.

SmartEngine spectrometers operate from 180-1100nm and are available with a wide choice of sensors, gratings and slit sizes. OtO also supply cooled silicon and InGaAs sensor spectrometers.

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Photon LinesOmicron - QuixX® Picosecond-pulsed Diode Lasers

The Omicron QuixX® is the only diode laser on the market with "Multi-tool " capabilities. Modes include low jitter 50ps pulsed, highly stable low noise CW and modulated operation. Extraordinary synchronization features with high resolution delay generator, internal frequency generation and user-selectable input and output signals make these lasers the most versatile laser diode modules for industrial, biotech and scientific use.

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Laser 2000Quiet. Flexible. Economical. Laser 2000 introduces niji, the new LED light source.

The niji from Bluebox Optics is a revolutionary and innovative LED light source, it is ideally suited to the demands of fluorescence microscopy.

With light emission from up to seven individually addressable, individually filtered LED channels that simultaneously emit light through a single combined light guide, the niji delivers powerful, multi-wavelength excitation from the UV to the NIR, specifically for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy.

Based around a uniquely reconfigurable mainframe, LEDs and filters can be changed by the user in minutes, offering additional excitation centre wavelengths, excitation bands, and output power options. As LED sources have a number of advantages over mercury lamps, the niji helps you to “go green”, as well as ensures a more quiet working environment as it is one of the quietest LED light sources on the market. Laser 2000 will also showcase the latest SLM Spatial Light Modulator from meadowlark, the High Speed HSP1920, Semrock’s optical filters, Hamamatsu camera’s, and Vortran’s Laser Diode Modules.

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Andor-Technology-R&D-DragonflyAndor Dragonfly Scoops R&D 100 Award

Chosen as one of the most technologically significant products of 201. From the moment the high speed confocal platform, Dragonfly, burst onto the scene, it was clear that Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company, had developed a game changing product within the global confocal microscopy space.

Since the first commercial laser scanning confocal microscopes appeared in the late 1980s, confocal microscopy has been a main stay of life science research and discovery.

With its arrival, Dragonfly challenged the pre-eminence of the established technology by creating a 21st century reinvention of a 90s concept, known as ‘microlens spinning disk confocal’, enabling it to deliver ten times faster imaging, greater sensitivity and gentler specimen excitation, while matching existing resolutions and the capacity to handle thick specimens.

In this innovative design, patented illumination, award-winning detectors and new software have been combined to deliver outstanding micro-imaging performance. In January 2018, Dragonfly was recognized by the R&D 100 Awards as one of the most Technologically Significant New Analytical Products of the year.

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TopticaFast and flexible: TOPTICA presents Advanced Terahertz Imaging Platform

Reacting to the growing demand in non-destructive testing applications, TOPTICA has further extended its terahertz instrumentation portfolio.

This year at Photonex London, the company will be presenting a new Terahertz Imaging Extension for its successful time-domain spectroscopy platform TeraFlash. Owing to the unique spectral bandwidth of the TeraFlash (0.1 – 5 THz), researchers can exploit the full potential that the combination of imaging and spectroscopic methods has to offer.

The Imaging Extension uses two precise linear stages to scan a sample through the focus of the terahertz beam. The translational movement is synchronized with the delay-stage within the TeraFlash, speeding up the measurements significantly, allowing the system to acquire complete waveforms for up to 16 pixels per second. The positioning accuracy is better than 200 µm over a 15 x 15 cm field of view.

Continue reading on the Toptica website

Elliot ScientificSuperior pitch adjuster screw sets from Kozak Micro are perfectly matched

Kozak Micro manufactures super-smooth adjustment screw sets with threads as fine as 508 TPI (0.05 mm pitch).

Available through Elliot Scientific in the UK and Ireland, these adjusters can be purchased in single or OEM quantities. Proprietary manufacturing on a variety of customised machine tools enables Kozak Micro to produce adjusters in a range of pitches that are superior to industry standards.

Elliot Scientific offers 6 imperial and 4 metric thread pitch ranges of matched-set micropositioning adjustment screws and unbraked bushings that deliver the highest precision and smoothest movement by far for the most demanding of applications.

Read more on the Elliot Scientific website

Laser ComponentsDifferential Pyroelectric Detectors

Pyroelectric detectors are susceptible to line interference and other sources of electromagnetic interference from non-detector related noise. Several manufacturers of OEM sensor devices use EMI fi lters to prevent these noise sources interfering with the operation of the device but for many gas detection applications a higher level of noise immunity is required.

LASER COMPONENTS has developed a new pyroelectric detector using a diff erential mode of operation ensuring that external pick up is eliminated greatly improving the electromagnetic immunity of the device. Pyroelectric crystals generate positive and negative charges on opposite faces of the crystal and using appropriate amplifi cation can generate a diff erential signal. Differential operation results in a signifi cant increase of the signal to noise ratio, this is because the output signal is doubled with this confi guration while the noise only grows as the square root, the improvement in signal to noise is approximately 1.41 over a standard single ended pyroelectric detector.

The R&D team at LASER COMPONENTS designed our LD2100 with its use in electrically noisy environments in mind. These devices are used in NDIR and FTIR spectroscopy as well as fl ame and fi re detection. The devices are inexpensive, robust and highly sensitive in the IR region of the spectrum.

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Photonex ALCORALCOR femtosecond fiber lasers

Photonic Solutions has introduced the ALCOR, a fiber laser producing high-average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses (down to <120 fs) at high repetition rate (80 MHz standard, others optional) in an ultra-compact and robust format. ALCOR offers excellent performance within a compact, air-cooled package.

Available at power levels from 1 to 2W at a fixed central wavelength between 915nm to 930nm and with pulse duration <170fs as standard, this QCW fiber laser is ideally suited to applications in biophotonics, two-photon microscopy and particularly in neuroscience.

The ALCOR can be supplied with a second wavelength head at custom wavelengths in the 1-micron region, with group delay dispersion pre-compensation (variable down to -30 000fs2), F-sync for fine-tuning the repetition rate for synchronization with any third-party master device, together with customisation to attain the ultra-short <120fs pulse duration.

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