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graphene ExpoGraphene Expo is the UK's first dedicated event to graphene technology

A newly discovered isolated material with remarkable properties, the future potential of graphene and its uses are unlimited!

This exhibition, co-located at Photonex Europe, will feature companies and organisations at the forefront of graphene technology, systems for deposition, materials, graphene-based products such as graphene-CMOS, sensors and instruments for testing and measuring graphene and its electrical properties.


What makes graphene so special?

The discovery of graphene is considered to be one of the greatest of our generation and was seen as a highly promising material for the development of next generation electronics. Now with new applications being established with this unique 2D material, it is now considered possible that the market that exists today will into a billion pound industry over the next 20 years.

There is considerable interest from both academia and industry in its potential with properties such as transparency and high electrical and thermal conductivity at room temperature. Graphene is already being used as an alternative to silicon in the manufacture of field effect transitors in humidity, pressure and sensors.

Graphene has expectional properties when it comes to protecting metal surfaces such as those used in plasmonics.

Take a look at this short video for a bief introduction to graphene...



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