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Metal Powder-based Additive Manufacturing

Wednesday 10th October - Theatre 9 - Lounge South

The aim of this meeting which is dedicated to Additive Manufacturing (AM), is to provide a platform for technical discussion of areas related to metal powder based AM processes and to encourage better communication and co-operation between leading and upcoming academics and industrialists in the field.

The programme is open to all metal powder based AM processes, including selective laser melting, electron beam melting and direct energy deposition.

Laser stability and control are central to recent advances in metal AM machine speed and the quality of resulting parts; thus an added aim of this programme is to encourage greater interaction between those involved in laser systems, optics and laser-powder interactions and those applying such laser systems in AM processes.

The programme will aim to bring together users of metal AM from both industry and academia for a day of talks and discussion, with a poster session on metal AM research in the afternoon.


Keynote Speaker

  Laser powder bed fusion in sub-atmospheric and high-pressure atmospheres
Professor Andrew Moore, Heriot-Watt University, UK


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Call for contributions

This meeting is an opportunity for you to contribute to research knowledge, to meet with like-minded researchers, with industry scientists and for you to be able to network at a high level.

Our aim is that the main meeting programme is a combination of invited and contributed talks from leaders in this field combined with contributions from students and early career scientists who are researching novel and exciting new techniques or unique applications.

We invite contributions for consideration for this programme.

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Aerotech’s Infinite Field of View Solves the Spot Size Versus Field of View Conundrum

Technical challenges abound in the pursuit of quality parts from additive manufacturing powder-bed processes. Many of these challenges are interdependent and therefore compromises are frequently made that result in an additive machine with mediocre resolution and less than desirable build volume.

Aerotech's technology and expertise eliminate these compromises, giving OEM and end-user machine builders the ability to increase field of view, limit variations in energy/power density, control laser pulses as a function of position, maximize yield, and eliminate thermal instability.

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European Industry Assocation partner



Dr David Brackett (Co-chair)
The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

Dr Ian Maskery (Co-chair)

University of Nottingham


Dr Wessel W. Wits
University of Twente

Dr Alessandro Fortunato
University of Bologna

Dr David Brackett
Manufacturing Technology Centre

Dr Adam Clare

University of Nottingham

Prof. Chris Tuck
University of Nottingham