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07th March: Take a look at our latest newsletter. 25/1 Conference announcement now available

The Scotland Roadshow brings together the UK’s top photonics technology supplier companies, leading researchers and invited speakers for a very special one-day event.

The busy exhibition in 2014

What's going on:
  • There is an exhibition of 30 companies dedicated to optical techniques, photonics, imaging, instruments and lasers.
  • There is a conference “Advances in photonic techniques for the bio-medical sciences”
  • There are tutorials, “Latest photonics technology, techniques and instrumentation”
  • There is a meeting by Fraunhofer Research
  • And it is co-located with Vacuum Roadshow

The conference will cover advances in photonic techniques for biomedical sciences, highlighting amongst other fields advanced imaging, clinical therapy, optical manipulation and sensing, tools for cell biology and nano-spectroscopy. The keynote presentation will be by Professor Lene Broeng Oddershede, center leader of StemPhys, a DNRF center of Excellence, and Group Leader of the Optical Tweezers GroupUniversity of Copenhagen. Her subject being: “Optical manipulation and biomedical applications of HOT nanoparticles.”

The exhibiting will embrace the multidisciplinary nature of photonics with components, instruments and systems on display for astronomers, biologists, chemical engineers, chemists, electronic engineers, engineers, food science, instrument builders, physicists and many others.

The practical application of photonics in process and laboratory analysis will be the focus of many exhibitors. Photonex Scotland is the place where you can find out about current resources in all types of spectroscopy, optical probes, light sources and detectors as well as bespoke components, complete analytical systems and much more.

Get connected! To the right technology partner!

Visit the roadshow to meet these companies and at the same time benefit from attending the technical programme:

The conference comprises two meetings. It is FREE to attend:

1. Conference: Advances in photonic techniques for biomedical sciences

The conference includes an oral programme exclusively made up of presentations by invited speakers, there will be a ‘poster session’ of contributed papers from students.

Significant advances in the development of optical techniques have led to an ever increasing role of photonics in the study of various problems in the biomedical and life sciences...

2. Photonics Applications Tutorials: Latest photonics technology, techniques and instrumentation

In parallel with the scientific conference, ’Advances in photonic techniques for biomedical sciences’ there will be a series of ‘Application tutorials’.

Tutorials will feature on advances, techniques, technology comparisons, choosing your equipment for your project and features to ...

A selection of the products on show

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